Education System

I love my country and support it.My country is a developing country and People of my country are Hard working and Intelligent as well. They just need an opportunity to show themselves to the world who they are what they want .The first thing in it which is required to improved is Education System. Education plays a key role in the development of any country .If the people of country are well educated they can defeat any force and can defend themselves. But there is the need of hour to focus on the points which are necessary for this.

Firstly, when a child become of age of 3 to 4 years he/she admitted in the school to learn basic things .Child after two or three get fed up from school and want to stay at home with her mother .They need care of their Parents .But they don’t care about it and force them to go to school. This thing create problem in student mind .He have to act upon against his will .He have to sit there 5 to 6 hours and focus on the studies without doing any other activity . He starts to dislike school and it’s activities. Parents consider this their lame excuses of not going school .

When the students gets of age of 5 grade they have to force to study hard. Some institutes consider the Board exams of 5th grade . He force by cramming. 2016-10-15 13.17.01.pngOtherwise he could not learn the things .Actually they are not learning from the things they are just reading and getting nothing. Knowledge does not leads to their brain .Further they study the experiments and ideas of others they are ask to be creative to do that experiments by themselves .Because they don’t have such facilities .So , they just have to agree with the point which other one is saying not there own views and ideas.

Further there are lot of institutes in small scale .They are here and there next to every road .They just focus on the money. The students are not provided with the good facilities because they cannot afford a good school. They can just afford going to school near to their house and almost free. These students just go to school for fun and then go home.

Although the big institutes provide great facilities and allow them to analyze the result and experiment by themselves but these experiments are those which are repeated many times and the result of them are already known. There is a dire need to change this system otherwise after a few years this education system will become just a source of getting money, giving jobs to those who don’t even have the ability to teach and certainly having no certified degree of any professional importance. This is also happening now in many backward cities of Pakistan. Where there are no proper schools for the Children . They study on the grounds. No chairs no boards . 2016-10-15 12.13.27.pngTeachers often remain absent .There is no one who can take action against them .Teachers those who even don’t know the basic knowledge. Where this system is going .

Further more I like to add this point that there exist a cruel system also children are not treated well mannerly in schools .They are given different punishments .For the mean of improving them teachers use different ways sometime they go in favor of them but sometimes they create heat and evil ideas in their mind they start deceiving their parents and teachers also. They go from house for going to school but they go somewhere else and become the part of other activities which are dangerous for their future. Further it create a sense of revenge in them against them. There is so much care is needed to protect them from this.

The other system which is ruining our education system is corruption. Rich students are provided with the exam papers before the exam day to prepare that exam and they get good grades than those who work hard day and night but still not get their desire marks .2016-10-15 13.17.27.png

Board examination system has their own rules of checking the exams some don’t even read what is written but they follow this “which exam paper is looking more designed and in good writing” not matter what is written on that. They even sometimes click the wrong question right and right question as wrong thinking “who can take action against them?” they feel free in doing their job. That’s why some students who word hard day and night fear from this and they even not confirm that whether they will pass or fail.

Well these are not all there are other lots of problem that need to be discussed but discussing the problem is not the solution .We have to look all the aspects and then we should find a possible solution to that problem .Every person has different point of view .I think everyone now should now give their best from there side. Just one person cannot change the entire system there is a need to work in groups and then they should work hard on this aspect for the better future of their generation .Because the future of the generation can be estimated from their youngsters .If they are going the right way to support their nation and work for the welfare of their country then we can expect a better future of our nation .

According to me , we should encourage and motivate children towards education. They should provide such an environment in which they study properly. They should be treated nicely. They should motivate to be creative also. They should provide with such environment in which they can enhance their abilities ,they can do the things practically .Teachers should motivate them for their work. Their should be a community who check on the institutes and manage them .Every student should have the right to ask any question .Education system must not be a source of gaining money ,but to build a nation for future. There should be no corruption every student should be select by their ability . Every student should give the equal opportunity to come forward and prove themselves. Their should be no favoritism and every student should get the marks according to their work.

Every person should work on their behalf to improve this system. Jazakallah khair !


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