Kinda Love

Story about:


●Young Man

Bird was alone. He always felt a company for himself. He was always in search of a good friend.

One day he was going to another place leaving his own hometown in search of a true friend. He had to pass through a forest. That forest leads to the other town. While passing through the forest he met a Young man.Before that he had heard that human are the most weird creature and they kill the animals and birds for their food and their benefit .He got feared seeing him and in that fear he started trembling his wings could not support him and he fell on the ground with great fear. He wanted to fly again but his wings got stuck in the bushes and after great struggle he could not free himself.

Young man on seeing him in difficult situation run to him to save him.He helped him to free himself. It caused pain for the bird and he was little injured. Man tore a piece of cloth and bandaged the bird. Bird was continuously trembling.

Man: why are trembling this much? Are you feeling much pain?

Bird: I’m fearing from you man You are helping me now but you will kill me later. I want to live more

Man: But I’m not here for hunting dear!

Bird: So, Why animals and birds flew away after seeing human?

Man: This is because they consider us that we are most weird creature who try to destroy creature.

Bird: So isn’t that true?

Man: You cannot count everyone in this category! There exist good people too

Bird: So why You came here?

Man: I have to go the other town. I’m employee of the Welfare team.

Bird: OH. That’s good man (after hearing all that he felt himself relief and he took a deep breath)

Man: But I will surely not left you in this situation. I’ll stay here for as long you get better.

Bird: Oh no man ,you must go to your work. I’ll fine soon.

Man: Ok.That is only possible if you promise to take care of yourself and don’t fear anyone.

Bird: Thank you so much man.Will you come here again?

Man: Surely I’ll. Because I usually pass from here daily.

Bird:(smiling)Ok then see you soon!

Man: “Good bye”

Next day man was passing there he found that bird wasn’t in that place where he was yesterday, he searched for him here and there but all in vain. Then he saw a cage where that bird was.

Man: who put you in that cage?

Bird:(crying)yesterday when you had left .There came a gang who put me in cage for mean of killing me. On Seeing me injured they didn’t take me with them

Man: OH. Today I’ll take you with me.You don’t need to fear from them.

Bird: Please man protect me.Take me with you.

Man take him to his house .Man had no one else at his place.

Bird: don’t you have a family or friends?

Man: No I live alone here.

Bird: Well! Will you be my best friend?

Man: Yeah sure!But you must have to go to your hometown after you will get well.

Bird: Yes! Fine with me.(he smile with great happiness)

Man: (seeing him smiling) Take care!

Man daily went for his work and he often had to stay there for some days due to overwork. Bird kept waiting for him all day after all he had no one else at that place. After two or three days when the man not returned he got feared. Then the forth day man returned to his house.

Bird: Why you didn’t come from the previous two and three days? You know I missed you a lot.

Man: Oh dear! I had a lot of work there I could not return early. You must not miss me.I’m habitual of that.

Bird: But I felt lonely staying here alone without you.

Man: You must not make yourself habitual of me! that’s not good for you.

Bird: But you promise me that you will manage to come early next time.

Man: Ok .I’ll try.

Days went and bird got well fully .He can fly and go anywhere he wanted. But living at that place for some days he started loving that place. He didn’t wanted to leave that place. He waited for the man all

day and after seeing him he became much happy .He got in love with him and his house in that few days.

One day Man came to him and told him that he is fully well now he must go to his hometown to live with his friends and family. Bird got very sad. He had spent the best days of his life. He wanted to stay there forever. He couldn’t even think about leaving that place. He hadn’t felt that much happiness before that he felt staying there.

Bird: I don’t want to leave. I want to live with you forever.

Man: But I have to leave this place. My company owner had transferred me another place. So I have to go there.

Bird: Please take me with you! I don’t want to go back.

Man :I cannot take you with me.You must stay with your friends.

Bird: You are my friend. I have no other friend.

Man: You must do friendship with your belonging. Stay in your circle and find happiness there!

Bird:(crying) Don’t do this with me.I don’t want to live without you.

Man: You cannot be a part of my life. AS you are bird and I am human.

Bird: But I consider you my friend and you are part of my life .I have spend best days here.Why are you doing this with me?(crying)

Man: You cannot live with me forever.You have to go to your place.

Bird: But I’m happy in staying here . I consider this my place.

Man: But I’m going from here.You have to be strong.You must live your life with your family.

Bird: ok I’ll live .But you promise me that you will never break your friendship with me.

Man: I’m nothing. Not a part of your life. Please go and live your life.

Man also had some attachment with him after all he had stayed there with him for some time.He also don’t want to left him alone.But he have to do this for his(bird) good.So that he learn to live without him and became more strong.He knew that he couldn’t live with him forever. So he had to take that step.But that poor bird who spend not a part of his life there but a complete life full of happiness there.He who couldn’t even think about a day without living or seeing that person had to go back to his hometown.But going back was not easy for him.He felt himself in darkness.He had to live his rest of his life without talking and seeing that man.He came to knew that the man now didn’t want to stay with him.He had to go .He(man) went saying a lot of prayers for him…..

Bird after crying alot.Say himself that he couldn’t forget that man.He will love him forever. After giving him well wishes. He started his journey back to his hometown.

As he started flying he felt something new although he was much grieved but this time his wings was much stronger than ever before .He flew high and high in the sky. This kind of freedom he haven’t felt ever before He felt the air winging him high and high and in no time he reached to his hometown. He saw there his friends and members were waiting for him. They were much happy on seeing that bird. They loved him very much.. they asked him why he left them all ?He felt himself ashamed that he left his loved ones before and now his love left him. But the love of his members made him recover that grief. He mixed with them so early.

He started living his life with his members and found that God had blesses him with great abilities. He got to know himself. He was much grateful of all that . After long time He was happy that that man took a good decision for him.He truly loved him that’s why he left him for his own good. But the point that he couldn’t be able to forget him for the rest of his life .He prayed daily and remember that days he spent with that man and he smiled whenever that memories came to his mind. He often thought that person must be thinking about him but off and then…..

Moral: “You cannot be a part of Some, but you can love them Forever”

Written By: Mehwish Siddique


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