Keep Moving 

In life you have to face many ups and downs .Sometimes they just come to make you know what is good for you .sometimes we run after the things that doesn’t mean good for us but we keep valuaing them thinking that some day will surely come when they value us .Our feelings our thoughts our love for them.But when after you you got realize that your all effort is of no importance .It’s not going well for you.That is the point when you start blaming yourself for not winning someone’s heart .And you are no more important for them who value a lot for you .That point of disappointment take you to some point a point wher we got realize that we are not here to impress anyone .We are not here make them understand who we are .We are here to define ourself if we don’t value our own self how it is possible for the other one to do this for us .We learn many things from life from the other people experiences but the situation where you youself experience the pain take you somewhere .Somewhere you have to ignor your past and move on with the people who love and care for you .who value your importance ,who love you for being you .A point where you decide to move on is the point when you got realize yourslef that you don’t need to impress anyone you need to wait for someone to come and value .You just need to value your priorities and your priorities must change with the time ,with the people and sometimes with the situations.All you need to is that Your God is with you and He love the most .He wants to see you happpy and successful in life ever after .So for what you are waiting for.Let move on and see a lot of things are waiting for you .You have many hidden qualities you need to know them you need to explore them .Some day someone will surely come who do value you as you are .Wake up and just say to yourself that you can do !!.Yes !you can do.Love yourself.Work hard on yourself and stay happy .Life goes on with or without someone .Let all the things go and then see what still remains …..:)


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